Friday, 31 May 2013

Coming Home

I need to get into the habit of making time to post on the blog and was sure that my next post was to be about putting the solar panel on the van.  However, as always we are a tad behind schedule and I've been twiddling my thumbs wondering what to write about.

Then yesterday Marlo did quite a groovy thing so instead of forgetting about it, I've chosen to commit it to blogdom.

Like all 14 month old tiddly toddlers, the dude is unstoppable.  I'd chosen to meet a friend in the local library, then immediately regretted it as Marlo began charging around and rearranging the shelves. 

After the mandatory disappearing act, Marlo reappeared wearing his "accomplishment grin" and handed me a book.   I turned it over in my hands and staring back at me was the title " COMING HOME," (ahem, the name of this blog).  I was so pleased at the majik of the moment -"How did he know?" 

Yes, yes..I am well aware that the probability of such an event happening is easily calculated and that random events are happening all the time - it's just me adding meaning to it.

However, even with the cold shower of rationality, it's still  a pretty cool memory.


  1. Ooh, he knows!!! You haven't told me, has he started speaking yet?

    1. Hey indri ! Yes, he knows....
      The boy has a wide and varied vocab. Bird, Bunk and Meggymoodlenoodledoodle to name a few xxx

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