Saturday, 24 August 2013

solar powered washing machine -cloth nappy face

I've always used cloth nappies with Marlo - cheap, easy and cute
(blatantly trying to avoid the inward groan when one puts forward any hint of an ecological benefit........oops).

So, how could we make that work whilst living on the road in a riot van.....
Even though some might say I'm a bit of a hippy, I simply couldn't see myself hand washing shitty nappies every few days.

After we fitted the 250 watt solar panel and saw how well it charged, even in UK cloud cover, it was obvious that we would have an excess of free power.
So, it followed that the solution to our potential pooey nappy problem was to  buy a miniature washing machine and find a space for it in the boot.

It has worked out really well.....


Where there's a will,
 there's a way,  hey Tash ;-)  xx


  1. Oh washing machine is essential, indeed!! I wonder about the water supply when you're on the road, though. How do you make it work? Do you have to stop near a river on every laundry day or did you install something on the van? And how to manage the waste water? Where exactly are you now? You should put a map app attached in this blog to show us where you've been! Lol! Sorry for being too nosey! Miss you!!!

  2. Only just seen that you've posted! Funnily enough I was just thinking of you yesterday when pegging out the cloth nappies here, I couldn't imagine you hand washing shitty nappies either! lol

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